Our Individual 360 Feedback Tools

A comprehensive view of an individual's performance to facilitate professional development.

Designed to drive and develop the capability and performance of individual leaders and professionals, our tool provides a comprehensive view of an individual's performance by collecting input from peers, direct reports and managers; this holistic feedback helps to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for development and professional growth.

Your 360 - Your Way.

Our system can measure up to 5 different groups of reviewers and you can use either:

  • our off the shelf feedback tool and question set
  • a tailored question set to meet your model of performance


As well as creating a question set to suit your use case, we can deliver your 360 tools in:

  • our brand
  • your brand; or
  • your clients brand

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Key uses

  • Diagnosing individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Accelerating the performance of high flyers and key players
  • Providing leaders with objective feedback and a solid basis for coaching
  • Providing benchmarks of performance and tracking improvements
  • Having honest conversations about the implications of an individual’s style
  • Measuring the behavioural shift from management and leadership programmes, pre- and post-event

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