Executive Team Accelerator (ETA)

To drive and track the performance of senior teams.

The Executive Team Accelerator helps senior teams to identify the strengths and weaknesses and develop clear actions to further improve the performance of the team.

Key uses include:

  • Individual team appraisal
  • Diagnosing team issues and establishing priorities for improvement
  • Having honest conversations within a team about what is working and what is not
  • Measuring and tracking the health of a team’s climate
  • Confirming the impact of the leader’s style on a team’s performance
  • Most often used by senior, board and or leadership teams to create a snapshot of current climate. The tool helps teams to focus on the key issues they face, identify root causes, target areas for development and track progress towards their goals.

About The Executive Team Accelerator (ETA)

The Executive Team Accelerator Model (ETA)

  • Number of Elements:
  • 24
  • Uses:
  • Most often used by Executive and Board teams. The ETA looks at a wider spectrum than the TPA whilst focusing on the same fundamental dimensions of performance. In addition, it recognises the remit and priorities of senior teams including:

    • Talent management & succession
    • Effective Governance and adherence to standards
    • Results and Customer focus
    • Freedom to Act
    • Challenge
    • Leading the organisation through change
    • Resilience
  • Comments:
  • Whilst this tool was initially designed to support those at the senior level, it has proved very effective at both Regional and Functional levels of organisations

  • Time to complete survey:
  • 20 – 25 minutes
  • Customisation:
  • You can customise and add as many qualitative questions at the end of the questionnaire as you wish